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Digifort 6.6 Release Notes

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    Posted: 08-May-2012 at 09:31
This is the release notes for Digifort 6.6 containing all the changes made to the software since version 6.5:

New features and improvements ----------------------------------------------------------------

- The following features were added in the Professional edition:
  - De-interlace filter in video playback

- The following features were added to the Standard edition:
  - Mapping network drives
  - De-interlace filter in video playback
  - Support for maps (up to 2 maps)
  - Support the creation of custom screenstyles (Up to 2 styles)
  - Support for changing the media profile in real time when selecting a camera on the 
    surveillance client

- The following features were added in the Explorer edition:
  - Mapping network drives
  - De-interlace filter in video playback
  - Support for multi-monitor (up to 2 monitors)

- New database architecture. Now Digifort will use an external database server (Supplied with 
the system installation) to store log records, events, analytics and LPR. In the previous 
version, the system used an embedded database that did not provide the desired performance, 
so the migration to a database server will increase the performance of concurrent record 
reading and writing performance

- Added new feature of public views. With the public views, users can create surveillance
views that are shared with all users of the system

- The surveillance views will now be dynamically updated in real time when
created, updated or deleted on all clients, without the need to reconnect to the

- The surveillance client now allows the user to filter the list of objects, the filter is 
applied to all objects on the list, looking for the name and description of the object

- Integration with analytics from UDP cameras. Now the system can receive events generated
from UDP Technology cameras, and these events will be recorded in the Digifort database and 
the user can still configure alarm actions for each event

- New camera privacy feature. In private mode, the administrator can determine a list of 
users who will lose access to the camera when the operator enables the private mode in
surveillance client. This feature can be very useful when cameras from an installation are 
available externally, ie, the operator can temporarily block external access to the camera 
when required

- New user policy option to limit simultaneous access to cameras. With this new option, the 
administrator can limit the amount of cameras a user or group of users can view simultaneously 
per workstation (Only for cameras viewed through the Relay)

- New option for image property identification. With this new feature, the administrator can 
configure a watermark that is added to the live and playback images per user. This watermark 
is intended to identify the owner of images when the images of the system are provided to 
external users

- New option to add text watermark to exported images. Now the operator can add a text on 
exported images as evidence of ownership and origin of images

- New analytics filters for the advanced engine: Abandoned and Removed objects

- The advanced engine calibration now features advanced configuration parameters that
let you adjust the angle of Pan and Roll

- The advanced analytics engine now lets you enable or disable the features such as
Object tracking, Abandoned and Removed Objects and Counging Line in order to save processing 
when the rules are not in use

- The advanced analytics engine now has an options that allows the user to set a minimim size 
of object to be tracked and the maximum time the tracker must maintain a stationary object on 
the screen before converting it to be part of the scene

- New reporting option for analytics records. Now the user can generate a customized report
with the analytics records. The user can view the report on screen, can print or export the 
it to PDF and CSV files

- New option to schedule the operation of analytics and LPR configurations. Now the 
administrator can schedule when the configurations will be activated

- New option to backup system settings. Now the user can configure a directory for the backup 
of the settings and the amount of days to keep backup files.

- New option to delete old LPR records. Now the user can configure the retention time of 
LPR records in the database

- New option to delete old Analytics records. Now the user can configure the retention time 
of Analytics records in the database

- New option to export audit records. Now the user can export the audit records from the
server to a .csv file

- New option to export the event log. Now the user can export the event records in the 
surveillance client to a .csv file

- The backup system will now generate the system backup files (.reg) to be loaded in both
32bit and 64bit Windows operating systems

- The backup system now allows the user to start the backup manually

- The default backup folder was changed from "\Backup Config" to "\Backup", within the
server installation directory

- The list of objects on the surveillance client will now "remember" the open and closed nodes

- The performance of the list of surveillance client objects has been dramatically improved
for systems with many objects (Cameras, Views, Maps, Analytics, LPR and Servers)

- The surveillance client now allows the user to configure how the object names in the 
lists of system objects must be displayed. The user can choose between viewing only the name 
of the objects, only the description or both in the format of "Name (Description)"

- In the system of image analysis, objects that are alarmed by some analytics rule will have 
its outline color changed to red and the user still have the option of displaying only alarmed

- The update of modified objects by the administrator such as cameras, maps, global events,
analytics and LPR configurations is more intelligent and now will also reflect update of the 
rights to use the objects when groups of users are changed

- The user of the surveillance client now needs rights (granted by
system administrator) to access the event logs

- The event log in surveillance client will now display a column with the name of
event (in the case of Global Events, Scheduled and Manual)

- New architecture of translation system will allow new languages to be added to the system 
faster and easier

- The performance of operation status screens of cameras, alarm devices, analytics and LPR 
configurations has been improved

- The operation status screens of alarm devices, analytics and LPR configurations will now 
allow sorting of objects by name or operation status

- The status screen of user connections to the system now lets the user to sort the list
by user, IP, connection type and connected time

- Sending e-mails by SMTP now allows the use of servers with SSL authentication

- In the search for events by the surveillance client, the playback of video from cameras
linked to the event will now also play the video from associated cameras with the alarm 
action to open an alarm popup

- Added automatic search of cameras that uses the ONVIF protocol

- On the PTZ Patrol schedule screen, the "Enable" option has been replaced by
"Operation Mode" where the user can select between "Scheduled" and "Manual"

- The PTZ control on the surveillance client will now save the position of the power bar

- The power bar in PTZ control of surveillance client now allows loading its default value 
by clicking with the right mouse button on it

- The video playback views have been replaced by surveillance views

- The Digifort service manager will now display the path to the executable of the installed 

- Added option to change the TTL (Time To Live) of the multicast media distributor

- The calculation of network traffic (Bandwidth used) for input and output data on the server
is now more accurate

- The status screen of connections to servers in the surveillance client was removed. The 
initial status of server connections will now be displayed in the list of objects on the 
main screen of the client

- The search of analytics, LPR, events and audit records will now be faster

- Reports of LPR records now displays the description of the camera next to its name

- The event search screen now displays a description of the objects in the filters list

- The visual PTZ control of the surveillance client has been enhanced to add a delay when 
sending the stop command to cameras that supports the continuous PTZ movement

- In the registration of the cameras in the administration client, when the user deselects the 
option "Send by relay", the system will automatically copy the address of the camera from
the recording tab to the visualization tab

- The events of the basic analytics engine can now be used to start recording and 
transmission of video from the cameras

- The rights to trigger global events will now be enabled by default for new users

- The acceleration of video playback has been improved. The video acceleration will now only
decode the key frames, reducing bandwidth consumption and CPU usage to accelerate

- The maximum acceleration in the video playback was increased from 32x to 512x, now the
user will have the option to accelerate the video: 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x, 64x, 128x, 256X and

- Video playback is now multi-threaded. Video playback now has multi-thread features that 
significantly improves performance for simultaneous cameras playback, especially 
megapixels ones

- The video player will now resize the images according to the configuration in surveillance
client. The image resizing options are: Center, Resize to occupy the entire space and 
resize keeping the original aspect ratio of the image

- The video player can now be opened even without the surveillance client being connected to
a server

- The recording error and buffer limit reached messages will now have a limit of one message 
per minute, preventing many repeated messages to be recorded in the server log

- Now the repeated server log messages instead of being all recorded, only 1 message is 
written with a number to identify the amount of messages generated in last 5 minutes, 
reducing the size of the server log

- Small performance improvements throughout the system

- The commands to request live JPEG stream and JPEG snapshots from the HTTP API will now
apply the image filters and privacy mask configured by the administrator

- Added new command in HTTP API to request the list of public views

- Added new command in HTTP API to display a private user view on the virtual matrix

- Added new command in HTTP API to display a public view on the virtual matrix

- The command "GetMapsViewRight" has been removed from the HTTP API

- The command "GetMaps" from HTTP API will no longer need the Admin user authentication
and the command will only return the list of maps that the user has access rights

- The command "GetCamerasViewRight" has been removed from the HTTP API

- The command "GetCameras" from HTTP API will no longer need the Admin user authentication
and the command will only return the list of cameras that the user has live viewing or
playback viewing rights

- Added new command in HTTP API to request data from the last LPR record

- Added new command in HTTP API to request the image of the last LPR record

Fixes ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

- Fixed a problem with the virtual matrix. In a multiple server installation, the virtual
matrix was not being able to send objects from different servers to the clients.

- Fixed a problem with the integration of Digifort DGF-KB1000 keyboard. The joystick control 
on the keyboard was not respecting the delay of operation configured in camera setup, 
causing operational problems with some models of cameras.

- Fixed a problem with the login screen of the surveillance client where it could sometimes 
appear behind the screen of connection status. The connection status screen has been removed
from the system, now the status is displayed in the server list on the main screen.

- Fixed a problem with Analytics and LPR configurations. When the image analysis server (both 
Analytics and LPR) timed out, the configurations in Digifort server entered in the state 
"Looking analytics / LPR server" and stopped working

- Fixed a problem in the event log, analytics and LPR search screen. When the system was 
connected to two servers and one of the connections was dropped, the search no longer worked

- Fixed a problem in the search screen of LPR records. If the user is connected to two or 
more servers, the search screen would open only once, if the user close the screen, it would 
not open again

- Fixed a problem in the search screen of Analytics records. If the user is connected to two 
or more servers, the search screen would open only once, if the user close the screen, it 
would not open again

- Fixed a problem sending e-mails of global events alerts. The system was not sending the 
event data such as name, description, user who triggered the event and
IP address of the user who triggered the event

- Fixed a problem sending e-mail of scheduled event alerts. The system was not sending the 
event data such as: Name and Description

- Fixed a problem with the map viewer in surveillance client. If the client was connected to 
two or more servers, when the map was loaded into a server screen and the user clicked to 
view a map from another server (Using the miniature map), the second map would load but the 
status information of devices and action buttons would not work

- Fixed a problem with the analytics record search that was not returning images of abandoned
objects, removed objects and face detection for the basic analytics engine

- Fixed a problem with the basic analytics engine that was not working correctly for abandoned
and removed objects filters

- Fixed a problem in the parser for HTTP URLs without address where the port setting and
the character ":" followed by a valid integer was not read correctly. Example

- Fixed a problem in the event search screen where the button to stop the search was not
working properly

- Fixed some media drivers such as ONVIF and LG that uses Web services for communication.
These drivers could momentarily stop the server if any camera were out or order

- Fixed a data parsing problem on media driver from Dahua DVRs, which could cause the device 
to stay out of operation

- Fixed a small problem with the Commbox I/O device driver that could make the device to stop 

- Fixed a small problem with some I/O device drivers that were not correctly activating the
timeout timer action

- The advanced analytics calibration screen will now display an error message if the 3d grid
is not loaded

- Fixed a problem that could crash the server if the user triggered an alarm output action
twice or more from from a device that is out of operation

- Fixed a bug in the administration client, the screen to check rights for users and users
groupss was not displaying the user´s rights over analytics and LPR configurations

- Fixed bug in surveillance client multi-monitor support where it was not loading the 
position of the main screen when in manual mode

- Fixed the communication drivers of LG and ONVIF that could freeze momentarily the
server when a camera was out of operation and using a profile for recording and another
for visualization

- Fixed a small problem with the timing system (timer) that was causing excessive processor
usage on some computers

- The directory selection screen was not showing the scroll bar of directoires list

- Fixed a problem with the relay system when using multicast. The relay system could lock 
the server for a few seconds if the multicast data delivery was activated and
a very high load of data was being sent to clients

- Fixed a small problem in surveillance client´s PTZ control that could cause some cameras 
to stay moving continuously when the user pressed and release the control quickly

- Fixed a problem in the Vivotek PTZ drivers when used with HTTP Tunnel that could cause the 
PTZ to stop working after a connection break 

- Fixed a small bug that could cause an exception when the motion search was stopped manually

- Fixed a problem that could cause the background image of a map to stay in front of objects

- The new version of Commbox MCA-10 devices is now supported

- Fixed a problem with the event of camera tampering that could prevent its proper operation

- Fixed a problem in the Analytics and LPR record search screen. The filters were not
showing the description of the cameras

- Fixed a server problem that could cause an internal exception when disabling multiple 
cameras simultaneously, stopping the operation in the middle

- The HTTP API will now check the IP filters to block unwanted connections

- Fixed a problem in command "GetSnapshot" of video playback of HTTP API. If the image
requested was type I-Frame, the API was returning a black image

- Fixed a problem in command "GetScreenStyleImage" of HTTP API. Depending on the color depth
configuration of the server's desktop, the command could not return the correct image

- Fixed a problem with some API commands such as "GetJPEGStream" and "GetMediaStream" that
could cause a momentary locking of the server if the connection was not properly
closed. These commands are used by mobile access software, and access via iPhone software 
was causing a server crash in some cases

New supported devices ------------------------------------------------------------------------

3S Vision N3071
3S Vision N3072
3S Vision N5071
3S Vision N6073
3S Vision S2071
3S Vision S4071
ACTi KCM-3911
ACTi KCM-5111
ACTi KCM-5311
ACTi KCM-7111
AEON D0100
AGNI AGServer340
AirCam IP-150CAM
AirCam IP-200PHD
AirCam OD-2025HD
AirCam OD-2025PHD
AirCam OD-325HD
AirCam OD-600HD
AirCam POE-100HD
AirCam POE-200HD
AirCam POE-250HD
AirCam POE-2600HD
AirCam WL-350HD
AirCam WN-150CAM
AirCam WN-200HD
AirCam WN-2600HD
American Dynamics ADCI610-D011
American Dynamics ADVEIPSD22N
American Dynamics ADVEIPSD22P
American Dynamics ADVEIPSD35N
American Dynamics ADVEIPSD35P
Apexis APM-H804-WS
Arecont AV2115DN
Arlotto AR1500
Avigilon 2.0MP-HD-H264-B1
AVTech AVN211V
AVTech AVN212V
AVTech AVN222V
AVTech AVN244V
AVTech AVN252V
AVTech AVN263V
AVTech AVN284V
AVTech AVN314V
AVTech AVN362V
AVTech AVN363V
Axis 221W
Axis M1043-W
Axis M1044-W
Axis M1113-E
Axis M1114-E
Axis M3113-VE
Axis M3114-VE
Axis M5013
Axis M5014
Axis P3346
Axis P3346-V
Axis P3346-VE
Axis P3367-V
Axis P3367-VE
Axis P5512
Axis P5512-E
Axis P5522
Axis P5522-E
Axis Q1602
Axis Q1602-E
Axis Q6032
Axis Q6035
Axis Q6035E
Axis M7014
Axis P7214
Axis P7224 Blade
Axis Q7414
Axis Q7414 Blade
Bosch Dinion LTC-0498
Bosch FlexiDome NDN-498
Bosch AutoDome VG5
Bosch NBC-265-P
Bosch VIP X1600
Brickcom CB-101Ae
Brickcom CB-101Ap
Brickcom CB-102Ae
Brickcom CB-102Ap
Brickcom CB-500Ap
Brickcom CB-502Ap
Brickcom FB-130Ap
Brickcom FB-130Np
Brickcom FB-300Ap
Brickcom FB-500Ap
Brickcom FD-130A
Brickcom FD-130Ap
Brickcom FD-130Np
Brickcom FD-300Ap
Brickcom MD-100Ae
Brickcom MD-100Ap
Brickcom OB-100Ae
Brickcom OB-100Ap
Brickcom OB-130Np
Brickcom OB-500Ap
Brickcom GOB-100Ap
Brickcom GOB-130Np
Brickcom PZ-040D
Brickcom VD-100A
Brickcom VD-100Ap
Brickcom VD-130A
Brickcom VD-130Ap
Brickcom VD-130Np
Brickcom VD-300Ap
Brickcom VD-500Ap
Brickcom VS-01Ae
Brickcom VS-01Ap
Brickcom VS-04Ap
Brickcom WCB-500Ap
Brickcom WCB-502Ap
Brickcom WFB-130Ap
Brickcom WFB-130Np
Brickcom WFB-300Ap
Brickcom WFB-500Ap
Brickcom WOB-100Ae
Brickcom WOB-100Ap
Brickcom WOB-130Np
Brickcom WVS-01Ap
Bycon BIP 10CUBE
Bycon BIP 10CUBE 2A
Bycon BIP 10FIX
Bycon BIP 10FIX 2A
Bycon BIP 10DOME
Bycon BIP 10DOME 2A
Bycon BIP D1SD36X
Bycon BIP 10CUBE W
Bycon BIP 10CUBE W2A
Bycon BIP 10FIX W
Bycon BIP 10FIX W2A
Clear CLVIP 2
Cohu 3930HD
Cohu 3960HD
CWBcam YUC-H766R30
CWBcam YUC-HM96-279P
Dahua DH-DVR1604LE-A
Dahua DH-DVR1604LE-AS
Dahua DH-DVR1604LE-L
Dahua IPC-F728WP
Dahua IPC-HD2100
Dahua IPC-HDB3110
Dahua IPC-HDB3200
Dahua IPC-HDB3300
Dahua IPC-HDBW3110
Dahua IPC-HDBW3300
Dahua IPC-HF2100
Dahua IPC-HF3110
Dahua IPC-HF3200
Dahua IPC-HF3211
Dahua IPC-HF3300
Dahua IPC-HF3500
Dahua IPC-HFW2100
Dahua IPC-HFW3110
Dahua IPC-HFW3300
Datacabos DD-2160
Datacabos DD-2380
Datacabos NC 540W
D-Link DCS-3715
D-Link DCS-6112
D-Link DCS-6511
D-Link DCS-6818
D-Link DCS-6915
D-Link DCS-7110
D-Max DNC-500DVW
D-Max DNC-500FW
Dotix IP-HDBW3300N
Dotix IP-HF3300N
Dynacolor W1-BA100
Dynacolor DG86
Edimax IC-7000
Elbex EXIP4000
Elbex EXIP4002
Etrovision EV3151
Etrovision EV6150
Etrovision EV6150A
Etrovision EV6150A-BI
Etrovision EV6150A-CI
Etrovision EV6153A
Etrovision EV6156A
Etrovision EV6250A
Etrovision EV6350
Etrovision EV6551A
Etrovision EV6552A
Etrovision EV6552-RP
Etrovision EV6750
Etrovision EV8180A
Etrovision EV8180Q
Etrovision EV8180U
Etrovision EV8383F
Etrovision EV8580F
Etrovision EV8580A-B
Etrovision EV8580A-C
Etrovision EV8580A-DB
Etrovision EV8580A-DC
Etrovision EV8580Q-C
Etrovision EV8580Q-DB
Etrovision EV8580Q-DC
Etrovision EV8580U-B
Etrovision EV8580U-C
Etrovision EV8580U-DB
Etrovision EV8580U-DC
Etrovision EV8580U-DM
Etrovision EV8580U-M
Etrovision EV8581A-C
Etrovision EV8581A-DB
Etrovision EV8581A-DC
Etrovision EV8581Q-C
Etrovision EV8581Q-DB
Etrovision EV8581Q-DC
Etrovision EV8581U-B
Etrovision EV8581U-C
Etrovision EV8581U-DB
Etrovision EV8581U-DC
Etrovision EV8582A-D
Etrovision EV8780A
Etrovision EV8780U
Etrovision EV8781F
Etrovision EV8781A-C
Etrovision EV8781A-DC
Etrovision EV8781Q-C
Etrovision EV8781Q-DC
Etrovision EV8781UC
Etrovision EV8781U-DC
Etrovision EV8781U-DM
Etrovision EV8781UM
Etrovision EV8782A
Etrovision EV8782A-DB
Etrovision EV8782Q-DB
Etrovision EV8782U
Etrovision EV8782U-DB
Evolution IP001PTW
Fine ACM-B3000
Fine ACM-R3002
Fine ACM-V3001
Fine ACM-V3002
Fine CDB-720F
Fine CDV-3VM501
Fine CDV-3VWD960
Fine CDV-P360
Fine D0100
Fine EP-Q2018HW-IP
Fine EP-Q2018HW-IPAT
Fine EP-Q2026HW-IP
Fine EP-Q2026HW-IPAT
Fine EP-Q2036HW-IP
Fine EP-Q2036HW-IPAT
Fine GE-100CB
Fine GP-100CB
Fine MD-D1612
Fine SP-PTIR737-IP
Fine TCP-1200AV
Fine TCP-2200AV
Fine TCP-HDVB800
Fine TCP-HDVB801
Fine TCP-HP1024
Fine TCP-HP1080
Fine TCP-HP720
Fine TCP-HPC960
Fine TCP-HPDN960
Fine TCP-IR590WD30
Fine TCP-IR590WD50
Fine TCP-IRH5030C
Fine TCP-IRH5040C
Fine TCP-MH802
Fine TCP-VM501
Fine WGE-100CB
Fine WGP-100CB
FiscalTech DV542WDIP
FiscalTech G25V2IP
Flir F-1 series
Flir F-3 series
Flir F-6 series
Flir PT-1 series
Flir PT-3 series
Flir PT-6 series
Foresight DVS-0101
Foresight FS-IPC400S002
Foresight FS-IPC400T001
Foresight FS-IPDHOS18X
Foresight FS-IPDHOS18XN
Foresight FS-IPDHOS26XN
Foresight FS-IPDHOS36XN
GeoVision GV-CB120
Giga GS8240i
Grandstream GXV3651HD
Grandstream GXV3662
Hikvision DS-7316HI-S
Histream HH9802B
Hunt HLC-79ADW
iMege G2212E
iMege G2213E
Imege G2214H
Imege M2210E
Imege M2210V
Imege V2211E
Imege V2211H
Imege V2211P
Imege V2211R
Indigo ED04
Indigo ED08
Indigo ED16
Infinova V1492MP-20G
Infinova V1492MR-20G
Infinova V1493MP
Infinova V1772N-10G
Infinova V1772N-18G
Infinova V1772N-20G
Infinova V6202-G00
Infinova V6202-G02
Infinova V6204-G02
Infinova V6204-G04
Infinova V6212-G02
Infinova V6221-G02
Infinova V6411-N
Infinova V6412-N
Infinova V6812-G00
Infinova V6812-G02
Infinova V6822-G02
Infinova V6921-G02
Infinova V6941-G02
Infinova V100
Infinova V1100
Infinova V1100L
Infinova V1100M
Infinova V1202HD
Infinova V3100M
Infinova V3500
Infinova V3500L
Infinova V3500M
Infinova V3502HD
Infinova V3510
Infinova V4100
Infinova V5500
Infinova V6500
Infinova V7500
Intelbras Cam 18X IP LT
Intelbras VD 32M 960
Intelbras VIP BX1M
Intelbras VIP CB1M
Intelbras VIP DM1MIRVF
Intelbras VIP DM2MIRVF
Golbong AP28
Kallimage IP608IRW
Kompsos K7013IP
Kompsos K7030IPW
LG LE5016
LG LE6016
Lynstan LN233
Messoa NCB855PRO
Messoa NCR875PRO
Messoa NIC990
Moxa VPort 16-M12
Moxa VPort 26
Moxa VPort 36
Moxa VPort 364A
Moxa VPort 461
Nice NVE-1002CA
Nixzen NX-IP-Encod5201
Siqura FD64
Siqura FD67
Optiview OP2MPCM
Optiview OP2MPIRD
Panasonic BL-C160
Panasonic BL-C230
Panasonic BL-VT164
Panasonic BL-VT164W
Panasonic BB-HCM701
Panasonic WV-NW502S
Panasonic WV-SC384
Panasonic WV-SC386
Panasonic WV-SF132
Panasonic WV-SF135
Panasonic WV-SF342
Panasonic WV-SF346
Panasonic WV-SF538
Panasonic WV-SF539
Panasonic WV-SF548
Panasonic WV-SF549
Panasonic WV-SP102
Panasonic WV-SP105
Panasonic WV-SP508
Panasonic WV-SP509
Panasonic WV-ST162
Panasonic WV-ST165
Panasonic WV-SW152
Panasonic WV-SW155
Panasonic WV-SW172
Panasonic WV-SW174W
Panasonic WV-SW175
Panasonic WV-SW314
Panasonic WV-SW316
Panasonic WV-SW316L
Panasonic WV-SW352
Panasonic WV-SW395
Panasonic WV-SW396
Panasonic WV-SW558
Panasonic WV-SW559
Pelco DVR5104
Pelco DVR5108
Pelco DVR5116
Pelco Sarix ID30DN1
Pelco Sarix IMS0LW
Pelco Sarix IXS0LW
Planet ICA-HM100
Planet ICA-HM126
Planet ICA-HM131
Probe PIC-500T
Probe PIC-501T
Probe PID-500
Probe PID-501
Probe PMI-410
Probe PTI-400N
Probe PTI-400P
Probe PTI-401N
Probe PTI-401P
Probe PTI-402N
Probe PTI-402P
Probe PTI-403N
Probe PTI-403P
Probe PTI-501N
Probe PTI-501P
Probe PTI-502N
Probe PTI-502P
Probe PTI-H2100
Quaddrix oQ-695
Quaddrix oQ-830
Quaddrix oQ-900
Quaddrix oQ-900WF
Quaddrix oQ-913
Quaddrix oQ-920
Quaddrix oQ-920HD
Quaddrix oQ-930
Quaddrix oQ-930WF
Quaddrix oQ-950
Quaddrix oQ-960
Quaddrix oQ-960WF
Quaddrix oQ-6320
Quaddric oQ-6330
Samsung SNB-1001
Samsung SNB-3002P
Samsung SNB-5000A
Samsung SND-1011
Samsung SND-1080
Samsung SND-3082P
Samsung SNO-1080RP
Samsung SNO-7080RP
Samsung SNP-3302
Samsung SNP-3302H
Samsung SNP-3371
Samsung SNP-3371H
Samsung SNP-3371TH
Samsung SNP-5200H
Samsung SNP-6200
Samsung SNV-1080P
Samsung SNV-1080R
Samsung SNV-3082P
Samsung SNV-3120V
Samsung SNV-3120VH
Samsung SNV-5080F
Samsung SNV-7080R
Samsung SPE-101
Samsung SPE-1600
Samsung Techwin SNP-3350
Samsung Techwin SNP-3750
Sanyo VDC-N6695P
Shany SNC-2252DN
Shany SNC-WD2112MDN
Shany SNC-WD2212MDN
Shany SNC-WD2312MDN
Showtec SW632
Siera VSP 6530
Siqura TKH S-40 E-X
Siqura TKH BC20
Siqura TKH BC22
Siqura TKH BC24
Siqura TKH FD20
Siqura TKH FD22
Siqura TKH FD24
Siqura TKH FD27
Siqura TKH FD28
Siqura TKH FD64
Siqura TKH FD67
Siqura TKH MD20
Siqura TKH MD22
Siqura TKH MD60
Siqura TKH MD62
Siqura TKH HD20
Siqura TKH HD22
Siqura TKH HD60
Siqura TKH HD62
Siqura TKH HD66 WDR
Siqura TKH HSD 620N
Siqura TKH HSD 820 H1
Siqura TKH C-50 E-MC
Siqura TKH C-60 E-MC
Siqura TKH S-50 E
Siqura TKH S-50 E-MSA
Siqura TKH S-60 E
Siqura TKH S-64 E
Siqura TKH S-68 E
Siqura TKH V-30 E-MSA
SunEyes SP-FJ01W
SunEyes SP-FJ02W
Surveon CAM2320
TecVoz CTNC-6351DM
Tecvoz HLC-79AD/W
Tecvoz HWS-01AD/W
Tecvoz HWS-04AD/W
Teki TK-9223
Teki TK-9523
Teki TK-9623
Teki TK-9625
Teki TK-9723
Teki TK-2M310
TP-Link TL-SC3130
TP-Link TL-SC3130G
TP-Link TL-SC3430
TP-Link TL-SC3171
TP-Link TL-SC3171G
TP-Link TL-SC4171G
Traficon VIP-T Box
Truen TCAM-540-X20S
Truen TCAM-570-X20S
Truen TCAM-5310
Truen TCAM-5320
Truen TCAM-5510
Truen TCAM-5520
Truen TCAM-6500
Truen TCAM-7300
TruVision TVD-M2225V-2
Ubiquiti airCam
Ubiquiti airCam Dome
Ubiquiti airCam Mini
Vdosoft VNS-1EA
Vdosoft VNS-4BA1
Vdosoft VNS-4BA4
Venetian DOM-10MEGA
Venetian DOM-2MEGA
Venetian DOM-5MEGA
Venetian END-D1B
Venetian IP-10MEGA
Venetian IP-2MEGA
Venetian IP-3MEGA
Venetian IP-5MEGA
Venetian IP-B7540
Venetian IP-IR7540
Venetian IP-SEP7004
Venetian IR-2MEGA
Venetian IR-5MEGA
Venetian SEP-1.3MEGA
Venetian VS-IP09
Venetian WDR-2MEGA
Venetian WDR-D-1.3M
Vid8 VEI-01AH
Videoline Smart-Vu Dome 2IP
Videoline Smart-Vu Dome HD
Videoline Smart-Vu Mini Dome 2IP
Vivotek FD8135H
Vivotek FD8136
Vivotek FD8335H
Vivotek FD8372
Vivotek IP8172
Vivotek IP8335H
Vivotek IP8352
Vivotek MD8562
Vivotek PZ8111
Vivotek PZ8121
Vivotek SD8311E
Vivotek SD8312E
Vivotek SD8313E
Vivotek SD8322E
Vivotek SD8323E
Vivotek VS8401
Vivotek VS8801
Xvision X100B
Xvision X100C
Xvision X100D
Xvision X100T
Xvision X100V
Xvision X100VS
Xvision X104P
Xvision X104S
Wision WS-HW700C2
Wision WS-G2309-I
Zavio B5110
Zavio B7210
Zavio D2110
Zavio D5110
Zavio D5111
Zavio D7110
Zavio F3101
Zavio F3106
Zavio F3201
Zavio F3206
Zavio F610A
Zavio F7110
Zavio F7115
Zavio F7210

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